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Ace Freighters

ACE Freighters Ltd. – Aviation Charter Enterprises Ltd. was formed in 1962 as Europe s first all-cargo airlines. Operations began with one L-749A Freighter on March 1 1964, after the company received an E license to operate non-scheduled all-freight operations in January 1964. Medium to long-haul cargo charter flights were carried out with the aircraft, particularly to the Middle and Far East. In September 1964, a Douglas DC-4 was acquired, and in November four more L-749A Freighters were bought, though none ever flew for the company. Two further Connie Freighters were bought from Euravia-Skyways during 1965, and a third aircraft leased from the same company. In May 1966, for example, G-ALAL flew up to five return flights a day from Southend to Rotterdam. Freight charters were operated into Heathrow for Aer Lingus, Swissair and United Arab Airlines. 
On 23 September 1966, the airline was placed in liquidation after having run up large debts for fuel, and the aircraft fleet was stored until sold.

Version c/n Registration Period
749A 2504 G-ANTF 1964 - 1966
  2623 G-ASYS 1964 - 1964
  2630 G-ASYF 1966 - 1966
  2631 G-ASYT 1964 - 1964
  2632 G-ASYU 1964 - 1964
  2548 G-ALAK 1965 - 1966
  2549 G-ALAL 1965 - 1966
  2565 G-ANUR 1965 - 1966

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