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zoggavia presents a collection of aircraft photos exploring the beauty, sensuality, form and design of  classic airliners of the 50's. The airplane is a powerful symbol that has stirred the dreams and ambitions of men and women for 100 years. Aircraft created of passion, remain even more beautiful and alluring today. "Classic Airliners" is an exploration of the multiple and complex roles that airplanes have played in our lives and is a celebration of the classic aircraft enduring beauty. Welcome to the treasures of zoggavia's propliner and jetliner collection.  Step in to the fascinating era of the airline business, when four- and two engined pistons dominated the scenery or coexisted with their jet replacements. Or when carrier marketing focused on equipment types, and colorful, complex paint schemes. Follow the ever changing airport scenes and views inside the cabin of various types of aircraft. 


4500 of the 100 000 images in the zoggavia collection are on display in our web albums. Read the mission of zoggavia.
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Here is the list. We are happy to accept offers for slides, photos and scans of missing Connies. In return we offer rare and nice slides of Connies for exchange. 
Such Connie's are Irish International, Transocean, TWA, Eastern, Lufthansa, National, Qantas and many more.
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c/n 44864 N771PA Douglas DC-7B "Clipper Evening Star" Pan American World Airways being serviced together with a another Pan Am DC-7B in 1958. Photo taken in 1959. Zoggavia Collection.

Featured  Jetliner

De Havilland DH.106 Comet 4B c/n 6438 was delivered to Olympic Airways on 14. May 1960. Served afterwards as G-APYC with BEA, Channel and Dan-Air. Dumped Kemble 1979. Zoggavia Collection.


Lockheed classics

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