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The digital images available on Zoggavia classic aviation photography and provided by the photographer(s) thereof, mentioned as authors (herein referred to as the licensor(s) or content provider(s)) are licensed according to the following schemes, depending on your intended usage, namely: 

Personal use license (non commercial use)
Personal Use Download licenses are appropriate for images you'd like to buy for your personal use, which may include using the image for at-home printing, computer desktop displays, collections, online personal profiles, etc. A personal use license prohibits you, the buyer (also referred to herein as the licensee), from using the image for anything but personal use. In addition, title and ownership, and all rights now and in the future, of and for the digital images remain exclusively with the licensor(s).

There are no warranties, expressed or implied, with the purchase of the digital images, which are provided "as is". The licensor(s) will not be liable for any third-party claims or incidental, consequential or other damages arising out of this license or licensee's use of the digital images.

Please consult our Terms and Conditions of Use, should you wish to choose either option.

Rights managed license (commercial or editorial use)
The digital images on our website are also available for commercial or editorial use in web ads, books, magazines, newspapers, advertising, on websites and blogs and in a number of custom applications. For such uses, the digital images are licensed on a rights-managed, non-exclusive basis. With this license, the buyer only pays for what they’re using the image for. Rights-Managed licenses can define how, where, when or for how long a digital image is being used. Fees vary depending on the specific type of use which includes the industry, geographical location, and the length of use. Licenses are granted for one-time, non-exclusive use. That means you can use the image for one type of use only. Reuse of the image would require additional fees. 
Be sure you fully understand your intended usage of a digital image before purchasing this licensing scheme. To buy a license for an image under a Rights Managed license, you specify the following items:

    • Editorial or commercial use
    • What industry or industries the image will be used for
    • Geographical area where the image will be used
    • Length of time the image will be in use

    The terms and conditions for both licensing agreements are described in full in our Terms and Conditions of Use.

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