Classic Aviation Photography


Why Zoggavia?
Zoggavia represents the aviation history between 1930 and today. The main focus has been on the big piston propliners of the 1940s and 1950s when traveling was much a privilege of the rich and the beauty. The idea is to share and sell images, most of them banned on Kodachrome slide film, showing aircraft, their operators, and representing the mood of that time.  Most of the images are in color and accessible via galleries grouped by timeline, i.e. decades, general type of aircraft, and special areas. Your particular interest and needs are supported by keyword searches. If you don't find what you are looking for just drop us a line.

What is Zoggavia selling?

Zoggavia is taking advantage of the digital age and offers state of the art media, both analog and digital,
For the friends of pixel and dots, we offer scans in various sizes and license models for some of the photos shown directly in our galleries. For people with an interest in analog media, we offer slides, negatives, prints, books  in our
Auctions on dedicated marketplaces, and Buy it now products through this website. With the return on sales, we are investing in completing the Zoggavia collection. We focus especially on the Lockheed Constellation series where Zoggavia represents almost every Constellation built and operated.

We are far from the completeness of the collection and so we welcome you back to explore new additions frequently. 
Do you have slides, photos, etc. to offer? Just get in touch and let's start from here.

What means Make an Offer?
Some of the images in galleries are available as originals- watch out for "Want the Original" option - click "Request a quotation" - make your offer - and receive our feedback of availability, acceptance, or counter offer.

How can I find the recently uploaded images?
In the horizontal navigation bar click on "Latest" and then you see all recently added images newest first and by month.

What are My albums?
"My albums" are selections and groups of images that you make as you browse through the galleries on our website. "My albums" allow you to select images, save that selection as an album, and share it with others, along with comments.

A) Selections for new/anonymous visitors
New favorites are created as soon as you click for the first time on the ‘Add to favorites’ button. To be able to access the favorites, later on, you need to save them to your account (i.e. create an account on our site if needed). Once favorites are saved, it receives a unique URL and can be shared.

B) My albums for logged-in customers
With a Zoggavia customer account, you can save and manage multiple favorites. From the lightbox page on our website, you can switch easily between the lightboxes you have created and the lightboxes that you (or other visitors) have shared with you by email. When a logged-in customer  shares an album, the recipient must log in to edit the album (everyone with the link can view the lightbox).

C) Read-only albums
When sharing an album, a logged-in client can choose to keep the album "read-only". This way, the person with whom the album is shared can view but not modify the album.

How do I purchase an image?
To purchase images, make a selection from any of the Galleries. Then, find the Buy button on the left-hand side of the selected image. Click on the Buy button that corresponds to your choice of image use: “Buy Personal Use License” or “Buy Non-Personal Use License (Rights-Managed License (commercial or editorial)”.

Once you have clicked this, you will be given buying options; you will need to register an account and accept the terms and conditions to complete your purchase. Shopping via our website is completely secure. Your private information is protected and is only used for the purpose of to process your purchase. 

What are my payment options?
We provide secure payment methods: any of the major Credit Cards via PayPal, or your PayPal account. PayPal is a secure payment gateway that accepts major credit cards. You do not need a PayPal account login to make purchases. 

Which image size should I select for personal printing (at home or via a print lab): Small image, Medium size, High-resolution, or Full-resolution?
The required image size you will need depends on essentially 3 factors:
- The viewing distance
- The target size of your print
- The print medium (paper, canvas, forex, plexiglass, Alu-Dibond, etc.) 
Please refer to our Quick Printing guide for details on how to proceed.

How will I get the image?
We send you an email with links to download the images. The images are resized to the purchased size for Personal uses with the pixel size defined in the order, i.e, XS, S, M, L, and XL) as well as for the Non-Personal use where the pixel size is defined at 4096 px. The images are sent in jpg format with all the metadata present. If the order contains many images, a zip archive download is offered. A PDF copy of our Terms and Conditions is also included.
Alternatively, you can download the images via Zoggavia, from your secure area.

Selections / My Albums  Can I share an image via social networks or otherwise?
We are present on Facebook and Pinterest, You are free to share any image you like on your favorite social network or via email by using the provided link. Please use the Share button located in the top right-hand corner of an image.

What are the licensing terms for images?
Refer to the page Licensing Info for details.

How does the customer account work?
As a regular customer, you can log in to to access advanced customer features, via the Customer Access page. Our regular visitors also can create a customer account. (A new customer account is automatically created every time a visitor places an order unless the email address used is already associated with an account.) When a customer creates an account, he receives an email and activates the account by clicking the link in the email sent after registration.

Do I need an account?
No, it is not a requirement. We believe in making your life as easy as possible. A visitor can create an Album and place orders without an account. But an account offers more possibilities: as a logged-in customer you can easily save and manage multiple Albums, you do not need to re-enter address information upon purchase, you can view past orders, etc.

How can I search for images?
Image search is available on all web pages, as a tab box on the homepage and in the horizontal navigation bar on top of each page. You can search by aircraft manufacturer name (Lockheed, Douglas, Airbus, etc.), type of aircraft (l1049, DC7, Boeing 707, etc.), or activity (takeoff, landing, air to air, etc.). In addition, all photo keywords are hyperlinked with each other allowing you automatic sorting per category. 

Search results showed:
A)  Grouped by a gallery. You will see all your search-related results in the specific gallery the image is present. 

Search Grouped By Zoggavia Gallery

Click on the image to see it live

B) Search in all galleries. You will see all your search related images without an indication of their location

Search All Zoggavia Galleries

C) Search by a specific gallery. You will see all your search-related results of your specific gallery.

Search By A Specific Zoggavia Gallery

D) Search based on Photo Keywords - click the "i" in the upper right corner of the image

Search Zoggavia Site By Photo Key Words

Example "1957" - all images of that year are shown

Search By A Photo Key Word In Zoggavia Galleries

You have always the possibility to "group" the results and switch between "group" and "ungroup"

You can also narrow your search within a group search by multiple key search words - for instance, you would like to see BOAC Comets which landed at US airports in the 1950s:

Search By Mltiple Key Words In Zoggavia Galleries