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Paul Zogg

Zoggavia offers classic aviation media exploring the beauty, sensuality, form, and design of classic airliners of the 40s until today. The airplane is a powerful symbol that has stirred the dreams and ambitions of men and women for 100 years, and aircraft created of passion remain even more beautiful and alluring today.

Zoggavia is an exploration of the multiple and complex roles that airplanes have played in our lives and is a celebration of the classic aircraft enduring beauty. Step into the fascinating era of the airline business, when four- and two-engined pistons dominated the scenery or coexisted with their jet replacements. Or when aviation marketing focused on equipment types and colorful, complex paint schemes. 

Paul had his first flight experience with a Globe Air Dart Dart Herald. From that moment, he has been hooked on planes, traveling, visiting airports, and photographing planes as they arrive and depart. He has been an (aviation) photographer since then - first shooting on negative films, later on, Kodachrome slide film, and digitally starting in 2005. In the meantime, digital media enhancement is one of his main activities.

"Data is sacred, holy, not to be touched, raw. … If you start moving pixels, it goes in live work, whether it's photo or video"

Chase Jarvis

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Paul Zogg