Sell your slides, your collection - big or small!

We always look for slides, negs, and other media-related material to the Lockheed Constellation to complement the collection and different classic aircraft types shot before 1975.

We offer you a range of services to help you generate the best value for your collection items.

Direct or commission sales

Either you sell the slides/collectibles directly to us, or we agree on transparent commission sales with fair value sharing. It is up to you how you would like to offer and sell your collectibles. We are here to help you.

Online auction services

We scan and prepare the slides for auctioning/selling and list the slides by producing realistic scans without altering or improving the original image. During the auction, we answer questions, and after a successful sale, we take care of invoicing, collecting and feedback giving, and all related after-sales services to customers and clients. 

Scanning and digital enhancing services

Analog to digital

    35mm slide scanning with Nikon 5000 Super Coolscan Scanners and automatic Nikon SF-210 slide feeder for best protection of your slides and accurate scanning output  

      Sf 210
      Nikon Coolscan 5000

      Big format slide, negative and photo scanning with Epson Perfection V850 Pro Flatbed scanner

      Epson V850 Pro

      Digital to analog

        35mm slides or negatives from scans

          Photo enhancement 

          • 1:1 slide scanning with primary effort for listing up to professional raw scan requirements for further image processing by you or by us
          • Enhancing the scanned image by digital cleaning and color correcting 
          Original Hb Icl


          Hb Icl Cv880 Swissair 20100304 1


          • Restoring the image, even when damaged, to its former glory according to your preferences and requirements
          Photo N88702 Dc4 Western Manila 1951 46925 Original 2


          N88702 Dc4 Western Manila 1951 46925


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