March 2023

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Time Travel Gallery The Fifties published

Following The Forties, the Gallery 1950-1959 starts with 700 aviation images and brief information on the decade's Inventions, Money and Inflation, Culture, Homes, and Air Travel.


On 31 October 1956, the first Douglas DC-7C for BOAC touched down at LHR airport

The 'Seven Seas' ascendency was, however, short-lived. The long-delayed British Britannia began operating in late 1957 and pure jets only a few years later, making the DC-7C obsolete. BOAC converted most to freighters in 1960.

DC-7C in BOAC Service
BOAC's Douglas DC-7C Seven Seas' Gallery

c/n MSN 45111 G-AOIA Douglas DC-7C of BOAC during a test flight in 1956. 

Zoggavia The Forties Screenshot

Time Travel Gallery The Forties published

The Gallery 1940-1949 starts with 122 aviation images and brief information on the decade's Inventions, Money and Inflation, Culture, Homes, and Air Travel.

Switching between decades is very easy. Just use the buttons with the neighboring decades. 

February 2023


Lockheed L749 Constellation new adds

Delivered new as PH-TDC to KLM in October 1947. Capital bought her from Lockheed as a trade-in of KLM for Super Constellations as N90670 in April 1952. To Boac as G-ANUV in 1955 until sold as N9830F to Transocean in 1958. Sold to Korean National Airlines as HL102 and in service until 1962 when sold as OE-IFE to Aero Transport in 1964. Impounded at AMS and finally scrapped in August 1966. 

Crew and passengers disembarking c/n MSN 2551 N9830F Lockheed L749A Constellation of Transocean at Oakland in January 1958.

Lockheed Classics > Constellations Serials & Operators > 2551

c/n MSN 2551 HL102 Lockheed L749A Constellation of Koreanair 1961.

Zoggavia 1939

Time Travel Gallery < 1939 published

The gallery contains pre-1939 aviation images together with brief information on the decade's Inventions, Money and Inflation, Culture, Homes, and Air Travel,


Forerunner in the Business Jet Market - the Lockheed L1329 Jetstar

Conducting its first flight on September 4th, 1957 and entering service in 1961, the Lockheed Jetstar was the first dedicated business jet to be introduced. Like many Lockheed airplanes, it was designed by a team led by Clarence L. “Kelly” Johnson, who retained the first prototype as his personal transport. 

Look at the images from the first prototypes of 1957 until the last flying operational example in 2019 at Lockheed Classics -> Civil Designs -> L1329


Time Travel is the new Gallery to explore the images by decade

An idea of Zoggavia Classic Aviation Media is to present aircraft photos of the corresponding era. Given the ever-increasing number of images, we have chosen the format of the decades, such as 1940 - 1949. We start with the pre-1939 period, and the most recent images can be found in the 2000 - gallery.

These galleries are grouped under Time Travel on the Library page.

January 2023


c/n 2505 N1552V L749A Constellation Western Airlines at Seattle in 1967

I hope you started well into 2023.

An exciting year lies ahead with many days of uploading images to zoggavia, compiling data into information, and enjoying all the nice things life offers.

One of the focus areas is to "fill" the Constellation section, i.e., Serial and Operators. After the L049 Constellations, 389 images, we are continuing with the L749 model.

Updated during the first days of 2023:

c/n, MSN 2503, 2504, and 2505

December 2022

Collage Zoggavia 221227

Thanks to the Holiday Season, new photo uploads

Canadian DC-4 with Merlin engines, the DC-4M North Star,  and C-4 Argonaut photos

First-generation Boeing 707 photos

Already a classic today, the Airbus A380

Lockheed Constellations

See Latest

New additions to Lockheed Classics / Constellation by Serial & Operator

You will find new summaries of L049 Constellation Operators


Braniff L049s


Edde L049s


Las Vegas Hacienda L049s


L049 Constellation Gallery is growing

We added 50+ of the first series of Constellation, now reaching 389 photos

c/n MSN 2065 N2739A L049 of Capital Airlines taxiing at Miami in 1957.
Zoggavia collection


New Douglas airliner images

We uploaded a range of Douglas aircraft images, from the DC-3 to the MD-11. Enjoy the development of Douglas airliners for 70 years.  

Click here or on the image to see the current Zoggavia Douglas collection. 

N4872C Douglas DC-7 in Delta C & S colors is taxing out to the runway in 1954, the year when Delta and Chicago and Southern Airlines merged. Zoggavia collection

November 2022

We make finding your preferred image(s) easy

To date, we have published 1000s of images and hope to increase the number considerably in the future. We continuously optimize the open-search function to make finding pictures and related information more effortless. 

1. The top horizontal navigation bar with a drop-down menu in NEW, LOCKHEED CLASSICS, SHOP, and RESSOURCES represents the content of zoggavia's website. 

Zoggavia Searchbar

2. In FIND YOUR IMAGES, you can enter search criteria and combinations to find your preferred picture(s). Some Pre-defined criteria help you to get started.

Search Zoggavia Constellation Panair Do Brasil New York Idl London Lhr 1958 Takeoff Propliner

Under RESOURCES, there is the HELP section, where we give hints and tips on how you get the full benefit from Zoggavia. Boolean operators help you refine your search. For instance:

  • L049 Constellation or L049 AND Constellation will return all images that have both words in their metadata
  • L049 OR Constellation will return images with either the "L049" word or the "Constellation" word in their metadata. Note that the OR operator must be in capital letters.
  • "L049 Constellation" will return images that match the exact phrase "L049 Constellation."
  • Takeoff OR landing AND L049 will show images of L049 taking off and landing (the "AND" is optional)

3. Pre-defined search criteria under FOLIOS

Zoggavia Product Portfolio

By clicking the headline, the Gallery or several Galleries open(s) and represent a chosen theme, or sub-themes.

By clicking the headline, the Gallery or several Galleries open(s) and represent a chosen theme/theme.

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Lockheed Classics / Constellation Serials and Owners / Model C69/L049

Zoggavia L049 Lockheed Constellatio Serial Operator Lockheed Classics 221117

Here you can find the Serials and Operators of the Lockheed C-69 and L049 Constellations. We have linked the information to a corresponding image to simplify navigation. Every c/n (Construction Number) / MSN (Manufacturer's Serial Number) is listed. The blue button signalizes a link to the image(s), and just the number means no image picture is available.

Here is a list of missing Constellations.

By clicking on Model C-69/L049, you see the development, technical data, history, and link to the gallery of this Constellation Model.

When having a document, like a slide, photo, or negative of a Connie missing in the gallery, get in touch with us. Also, your feedback is very welcome to us.

Bac Aerospatiale Concorde Gallery updated

Concorde images added, including pre-production Concorde photos taken in the early 70ies

Air France 

British Airways 


G-AXDN BAC built Concorde


F-WTSA Aerospatiale built Concorde

Galleries / Folios / DC-7 / DC-7 Timeline

Zoggavia Dc 7 Operators

We started to link the images to the corresponding owner/operator

Clicking on the airline, all Douglas DC-7 images of this operator, like the example of Alitalia, will show

October 2022

    We added new images with links to serials and operators in the Constellation Model C-69/049 section.

      Buttoned serial numbers refer to an existing image

        Plain numbers in blue refer to a missing image to the corresponding serial.

          Connie images wanted (under work)

            Zogavia L049 Serial Numbers

            Lockheed Classics / Constellation by Serial & Operator

            We linked the Constellation images to the operator with the following information

            Zoggavia Constellation Operators

            Example Lufthansa; construction numbers/MSNs of all the Connies & Starliners Lufthansa owned and leased.

            The arrival of the first Lufthansa Super Constellation at Hamburg in 1955

            The flight of D-ALEM and D-ALIN to Moscow, transporting German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer in 1955

            Senator service, usage and lifecycle of the Connies until their withdrawal in 1967

            Stay up to date on the latest information and newest images.