News 2023, 7-12

December 2023


 The second life of French Lockheed Constellations

As is well known, Air France was the largest operator of the Lockheed Constellation outside the USA. Unfortunately (too) many of these Connies were melted down in the mid 1960s, but some of them managed to remain in use for passenger and freight transport until the mid-1970s.


Which aircraft had already a Bar on the second floor in the 1940s?

Travel back in time with the Pan American Boeing 377 Stratocruiser N90948 'Clipper Mandarin', which featured a skybar long before the Boeing 747.  


OH-KDA flew as far as to Sidney, Australia, in 1965. Zoggavia Collection

Finnish Workhorse, OH-KDA, former N577 Northwest ship

Discover the pictorial story of Kar-Air's Swingtail DC-6B, which served the Finnish airline for almost twenty years.

CP 1351 DC4 TRAK 1979 05294 xlarge

CP-1352, a DC-4 / C-54 built in 1945, at La Paz at 4061m (13,325ft). Zoggavia Collection

Bolivia's Propliners - A Blast from the Past

If you are in the world of the big recipes, welcome a board. Sit back, relax and enjoy the images of propliners of the small, colorful cargo operators, on less than a shoestring budget.

November 2023


One of the smartest U.S. Navy Super Constellations

One particular Super Constellation which always drew my attention was the U.S. Navy's Project Magnet c/n MSN 5506 NC-121K Bu No 145925. Finished in a glorious white and red scheme and carrying the Road Runner cartoon character on the forward fuselage she was named Paisano Dos (Friend No 2). Project Magnet began in 1951 with the objective of mapping the earth's magnetic field. The aircraft entered service with Project Magnet in November 1962 and was retired in May 1973. Sadly, this distinctive Super Connie was subsequently scrapped at Davis Monthan on 28th May 1976.

She was delivered to the US Navy as WV-2-1049A-55-137 on 28 January 1958. Images of her career:


Pacific Northern Airlines

served weekly 53 scheduled services throughout Alaska with their up to eleven Lockheed L749 Constellations in 1961.

Read the PNA and their Connies' story and enjoy the visual time travel.


Dwight D Eisenhower speaking to Robert E. Gross and Lockheed employees on 19 October 1956.

Lockheed welcomes "Ike"

Visit of the 34th President of the United States Dwight D. Eisenhower at the Lockheed Factory, Burbank on 19 October 1956.

"I have been flying in Constellations for some years. The Columbine, which just brought me to the field, is the third ship-the third Constellation of that name--that I have flown..." follow the speech and watch the images of the Columbines.."  

Read the speech Eisenhower's speech at Burbank here..


Finnair 100

1 November 1923 marked the beginning of a journey that lasted 100 years, and Aero Oy / Finnair has been an unwavering presence in the aviation industry. Today, as it turns 100 years old, we celebrate the vision of Bruno Lucander that led to the founding of this remarkable airline and the countless individuals who have contributed to its success.


How two Boeing B-17s brought the engine development
forward in the 1950s

After WW II, two Vega-built Boeing B-17Gs were modified as flying engine test beds, with the revised Boeing model number YB-17G and 299Z assigned to these airframes. After removing the military features, the pilot's compartment was moved aft, and the nose was modified to accommodate the test engine. Each turboprop / turbgojet test engine was more powerful than all four standard engines operating together.

October 2023

G Ahpz Liberator Scottish Airlines Prestwick 1947 20231009 2 C 1500

Kodachrome 4 x 5" or 100 x 130mm slide dated 1946.
Zoggavia Collection

Are (all) slides 35mm?

A "slide" refers to a positive photographic image that is 35 mm in size. It is made up of chromogenic dyes on a transparent base, which is held inside a plastic or card mount. 

35 Mm Slide 400

Kodachrome II in red border card mount - 1950s

The mount is necessary because without it, the transparent film material would not be able to move from one image to another inside a carousel or magazine when projected.

Before 35mm became the defacto standard format in mass photography, films in sheet format, like 4 x5" sheet film, were commonly used. Large format photography is known for capturing an incredible amount of detail in every image. This extra information translates into beautiful reproductions without losing quality, even when the images are resized to be even bigger.

Zoggavia Collection contains sheet format slides and negatives from the 1930s-50s. For more information and examples, click on the following buttons:

September 2023


cn2630 ZS-DBS L749A Constellation. Zoggavia Collection.


cn1042 ZS-DVJ L1649A Super Star. Zoggavia Collection.

Trek Airways operated two Lockheed L749As Constellations and two L1649A Starliners.

cn 2630 ZS-DBS L749A leased from SAA  
cn 2632 ZS-DBU L749A leased from SAA

cn 1041 ZS-DTM, later ZS-FAB (also LX-LGZ ) L1649A
cn 1042 ZS-DVJ (also LX-LGX ) L1649A

Trek Airways' first Starliner, ZS-DTM, arrived at Jan Smuts Airport on 17 February 1964 after completing her delivery flight from San Francisco, USA. The crew included Tom Meredith, Fred Gratz, Ian Laatz, and Cornelius Balt. 

Trek Airways' second Starliner, ZS-DVJ, started its delivery flight from the USA to Hamburg on 2 March 1964. The crew comprised Tom Meredith and Captain Alan Petzer. 

Interestingly, Trek Airways had a third Starliner; however, it was never registered in South Africa and did not carry the Trek Airways livery. This aircraft with the c/n 1036 had Luxair livery and carried the registration LX-LGY. Luxair purchased the Starliner from Air France in July 1966.


LX-LGY Lockheed L1649A Starliner of Luxair at London Gatwick in 1967.
Zoggavia Collection.

Luxair L1649A Starliners

From 1964 to 1969, Luxair operated three Lockheed L-1649A Starliner aircraft in a co-operative agreement with Trek Airways, from Luxembourg to Johannesburg. The Starliners were painted in Luxair livery and were registered in Luxembourg.


Zurich - Kloten airport 1948 - 2023

Experience the rich tapestry of 75 years of Zurich's aviation history with Zoggavia. Hundreds of vividly colorful images invite you to partake in the action and emotion on the apron, taxiways, and runways, as planes take off and land and dreams take flight. And, there are many Constellations...


HL4003 Lockheed L1649A Starliner of Air Korea taxiing at San Francisco in 1967
Zoggavia Collection.

Before Korean Air - Air Korea's sole L1649 Starliner 

Korean Air is currently one of the major players in the airline industry, operating 164 aircraft and flying to 121 destinations worldwide. It was founded in 1969 and is mostly owned by Hanjin KAL Corporation, with the Cho family, who founded Hanjin Group, being the largest shareholder. Cho Won-tae (Walter Cho), the current chairman and CEO, is the third generation of the family to lead the airline. As of 2020, Hanjin KAL holds 29.27% of Korean Air shares.

Air Korea, which was established by the Hanjin Group in the 1960s, initially flew the final version of the Lockheed Constellation, a L1649 Starliner, on its routes in Asia and to San Francisco. It's interesting to note that the MATS/USAF C-121A is preserved at Korean Air's Flight Academy airfield.

August 2023


TU-TBA resting idle at Paris Orly airport in 1962.
Scott Henderson via Zoggavia Collection

Air Afrique - African Lockheed Starliner Operator

Air Afrique (Société de Transports Aériens en Afrique), began domestic operations in June 1961. International services started on 16 October 1961 with a leased Air France Starliner on the route Paris-Marseille-Port Etienne-Dakar-Robertsfield-Abidjan-Accra-Cotonou. In 1963 Jet equipment took over the services and Air Afrique returned the two Starliners to Air France.


F-BHBK during a test flight over California in 1957. Lockheed via Zoggavia Collection

All ten Air France Lockheed L1649 Starliners 

In October 1956, Air France ordered 10 Lockheed 1649 aircraft with the option to purchase two more after comparing them to the Douglas DC-7C. At that time, Air France was already operating a fleet of 18 L749As and 19 L1049C/Gs. The deliveries of the Lockheed 1649s took place between July 1957 and February 1958. The Lockheed L.1649 "Super Starliner" was a highly efficient aircraft with great autonomy, speed, comfort, and elegance when it was introduced into the Air France fleet in 1957. However, just two years later, the larger, faster, and more lucrative Boeing 707 overtook its success.

c/n MSN 1011 F-BHBK L1649A Super Starliner 'La Fayette' completed the delivery flight non-stop from Los Angeles - to Paris on 5/8 July 1957. Leased to Air Afrique in 1961 and re-registered as TU-ABB when sold to Air Afrique in 1962. Restored as F-BHBK and stored from 1963 to 1967. Stripped for parts at ORY in the second half of 1967, the fuselage was used for fire training until 1986.


Lockheed L749, L1049Cs, and L1049Gs of Air France on the ramp of Paris Orly airport in the mid 1950s.

One Thousand and One Constellations added

I am in the process of creating the most comprehensive collection of images showcasing the Lockheed Constellation, which is widely known as the Queen of the Skies. I have already uploaded 1000 high-quality images and plan to continue until I reach my ultimate goal. The task at hand is quite challenging, but I am up for it and ready to tackle the challenge.


C/n 4807 N6007C Lockheed L1049H Super Constellation during a refueling stop at Shannon, Ireland, airport in 1957. Zoggavia Collection

Seaboard & Western Story
- The leading all Cargo Airline

Seaboard & Western Airlines introduced four L1049D in 1954, followed by five L1049H in 1957 for their non-scheduled and scheduled mainly freight and passenger services until 1962 when Canadair CL-44s took over the operations. 

    33 years of leadership in the airline industry holding many aviation records, including being the first to;
    - fly an all-cargo flight across the Atlantic
    - land and takeoff at Idlewild (now JFK) Airport
    - support for the Berlin Airlift
    - operate a Military Air Transport Service (MATS) charter
    - support Pacific Airlift for the Korean Conflict 
    - order and operate the Lockheed L-1049D Super Constellation
    - order and operate the Douglas DC-8-55
    - order and operate the Douglas DC-8-63CF
    - order and operate the Boeing 747F (first 747 built as a freighter from the beginning of its production)
    - join the International Air Transport Association (IATA) as an all-cargo airline
    - equip its entire fleet with inertial navigation systems (1970) 

    continue reading...


    NX90801 Lockheed L75 Saturn during a test flight in 1956.
    Zoggavia Collection

    New Galleries in Lockheed Classics Civil Designs

    Based on the Lockheed's Timeline page, I published new galleries, including:

    - Models 33 Little- and 34 Big Dipper
    - l75 Saturn
    - L12 Electra I Junior
    - L10 Electra I 
    - l188 Electra II


    85163 Lockheed XR6O-1 Constitution of U.S. Navy landing at Moffet AFB in 1948.
    Zoggavia Collection

    Lockheed's finest in Camera are growing

    Based on the Lockheed's Timeline page, I published new galleries of Lockheed Military Designs, including:

    - R6V Constitution
    - T-33 Shooting Star
    - F-104 Starfighter
    - S-3 Viking
    - U-2 Dragon Lady
    - C-141 Starlifter
    - F-16 Fighting Falcon
    - F-117 Nighthawk


    1947 - 1968 Eastern Lockheed Constellations added

    During its operational time, April 19, 1926 - January 17, 1991 (ceased operation), Eastern Air Lines flew a total of 98 Constellations, including:

    21 L649/749 Lockheed Constellation 1947 - 1962    
    40 L1049/C/G Lockheed Super Constellation 1951 - 1968
     1 L1049E Super Constellation leased from Seaboard & Western 1957
     5 L1049H Super Constellation leased from Seaboard & Western  1957
    11 L049 Constellation leased from TWA, Trans World Airlines, 1956 - 1958

    Eastern Connie Gallery

    New Eastern Connies and other aircraft will be added continuously.


    1944 - 1946 Lockheed entering the light plane market

    Lockheed planned to introduce the Model 33 Little Dipper and Model 34 Big Dipper as affordable light aircraft for civilian and military use. However, the development of both models was cancelled in 1946. Nevertheless, these models serve as prime examples of aviation innovation and ingenuity.

    Www.Com Lockheed Classics 2023.Jpg

    This Image shows smoothly running Wright R-3350 engines on c/n 4001 N6201C Lockheed L1049 Super Constellation of Eastern Air Lines in 1956.
    Zoggavia Collection

    Lockheed Classics Section explained

    Lockheed is renowned for being one of the most innovative aircraft manufacturers in the world. With the Constellation, they created the most beautiful passenger aircraft to date and a legacy that inspires aviation enthusiasts everywhere.

    I've created a dedicated section on my website called Lockheed Classics to showcase this legacy. Within this section, you'll find detailed descriptions and illustrations in the following categories:
    - Lockheed Constellation variants
    - Lockheed Constellation serials, build numbers, and registrations
    - Lockheed timeline
    - Lockheed civil designs
    - Lockheed military designs.

    You can also use the word search function to find exactly what you're looking for to make navigation easier. With over 1400 images, Zoggavia's journey through time will take you on a captivating tour of this legendary manufacturer's most striking, innovative, and aesthetically appealing aircraft.

    So sit back, relax, and enjoy this unique experience. And don't forget to leave your comments and ideas – your feedback is always appreciated!

    July 2023


    7000+ Images reached

    In July, we added over 500 new images to our library. These images feature a diverse range of planes, including older models such as the Vickers Viscount from the 1950s and newer classics like the Airbus A300, which made its maiden flight on October 28, 1972.

    Some other notable additions include:

    Boeing: 720, 727, 737, 757, 767, 777, and 787

    Douglas: DC-3, DC-4, DC-6, and DC-7

    Lockheed: L749

    Sud Aviation: Caravelle


    1973 - OH-VKB Douglas DC-3 Kar-Air

    Twenty-six images of the twentieth oldest DC-3 aircraft still in existence have been uploaded. Please take the time to read the accompanying story, which includes details of the aircraft's second maiden flight when it was converted for use in ore exploration in 1973. The story also shares my personal relationship with this wonderful aircraft spanning more than 50 years.

    Stay up to date on the latest information and newest images.