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The airline was established by George T. Baker in St. Petersburg, Florida, and started its operations in October 1934. Initially, it only flew passengers and mail to different destinations in Florida using a group of Ryan ST monoplanes. However, throughout the 1930s and 1940s, the airline expanded its fleet and network of routes. A significant development was the introduction of the Douglas DC-4 in 1946, which allowed the airline to inaugurate its first non-stop flights from Miami to New York. 

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National Airlines used a variety of other classic prop-liners on its route network, including Lockheed Lodestars, Electras, Constellations, and Convair CV340s and CV440s. The airline's first pressurized airliner, the Douglas DC-6, was introduced in July 1947, which reduced the flight time on the airline's flagship Miami to New York route from seven to five hours. In 1956, National Airlines ordered four 1049H for their non-stop coach class services between New York and Miami. 


N45324 Lockheed Lodestar National at Jacksonville in 1949. Zoggavia Collection.

These Super Connies were delivered the following year and used on this route, as well as the New York to Havana tourist service until 1961. The planes were then used for all-freight services from New York to Miami and Miami to Los Angeles until early 1963, after which the Lockheed 188 Electras took over, and the Super Connies were stored until they were sold in 1964.

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On January 7th, 1980, Pan Am acquired the remaining shares in National, and the takeover was complete. The National Airlines fleet was quickly absorbed by its new owner. However, many aircraft were quickly put up for sale due to conflicting fleets within the Pan Am stable.





1957 - 1964
1957 - 1964
1957 - 1964
1957 - 1964

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